It's amazing how no one ever mentions the book on HRC's campaign, written by the 2 Washington Post reporters, covering the entire campaign, in which they assert HRC cynically decided to blame her loss on Russia even though her campaign director Robbie Mook said it was too implausible. Mook underestimated the Clitnons' abilities to intimidate others to tow the line, regardless of its absurdity.

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Apr 29, 2023·edited Apr 29, 2023

While we may not know what it is, there is a truth to Seth Rich's murder.

If you wanted to obscure the truth, for whatever reason, how could you create chaos around the story? Using a UFO website to spread "theories" sounds like a good start.

Meanwhile, it certainly seems that the DNC eak was not a hack, meaning outside intrusion of the system, but was a download onto a USB type drive. So we have two mysteries. Perhaps unrelated, perhaps not. But it is notable that anyone attaching the two to each other is now branded with the same iron as those attaching UFOs to the Clinton Body Count.

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Brilliant dissection of the deception. Looking forward to reading more.

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