Feb 8, 2021 • 1HR 59M

Propaganda, means-testing, Jewish Space Lasers, voter suppression

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Brook Hines
all the things that this old lefty likes to talk about. it's probably not what you expect.
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0-30 mins: Brook Hines on how we could do without "Secret Conspiracies to Save Democracy" (see all links below)
30-60 mins: Mystery Caller calls in to discuss Joe Biden's history of means-testing.
60-75 mins: Rick Spisak and a raft of special guests present "Jewish Lasers From Space."
90-120 mins: Jeanine Molloff's Justice Report on new voter suppression efforts.

Time Magazine on the "conspiracy to save democracy."
New York Times on a "Ministry of Truth" for Biden's Administration (reality czar)
New Republic on how the Dem Party doesn't understand Q-anon.
An analysis of coordinated bot armies of the Dem Party

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