Mar 1, 2021 • 1HR 45M

Twitter suppression fail, Move Left Idiots, #NotDyingForWallSt

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Brook Hines
all the things that this old lefty likes to talk about. it's probably not what you expect.
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Brook Hines reports on Twitter enforcing your faith in NATO, and how Twitter speech regulations backfired and made The Grayzone go viral. Also Grayzone: how the UK pays Reuters, BBC and Bellingcat to create the news.

Anthony and Komrade join to discuss the 1-6 Capitol insurrection; how socialism works in RED areas, why Cuomo is awful, how we're creating vaccine banana republics and chad Parenti vs virgin Chomsky.

Jeanine Molloff on the Justice Report continues her series #NotDyingForWallSt with a widely circulated story on how billionaires got richer during the pandemic (spoiler alert: they cheat).

Move Left Idiots for January 6 with special guest Brook Hines.

The Grayzone reports on leaked documents showing UK govt in payola scheme with Reuters, BBC, Bellingcat by Max Blumenthal
The Grayzone article on leaked documents goes viral following Twitter warning label intended to suppress article, backfires by Max Blumenthal & Aaron Maté